4 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video in Your Business In 2018 And Beyond

Do explainer videos make any sense?

In the 21st century, people are relying on the website as their go-to place when in need of information or a solution for a particular issue. However, the visitors do not have a whole day or year to peruse through the internet and web pages to get a solution. All they need is a quick and faster way of fixing their problem. In this essence, with millions of websites containing information that deem to satisfy the visitors’ desire, you must look for ways to stand out from the crowd.

One way to do this is to have an explainer video on your website. Here are other reasons why your business website requires explainer videos in 2018 and beyond:

1. Videos enhance your brand memorability

Wow. Which is your best brand? Or else, why do you remember a particular product often? One reason is probably that you saw an advertisement on the telly about that product. Maybe the ad was featured many years ago, yet you remember it to date. On the contrary, you view many ads in the newspaper and websites, but you rarely recall what they were featuring or promoting. You are not alone. This aspect is common to almost every person. With this in your mind, you can confirm how vital an explainer video in retaining long-term memorability in your customers is.

2. Video content is the modern website king

Did you know that people are no longer willing to read the content? Compared with previous decades, it is true that the duration people spend on websites has decreased. People are no longer interested in going through a 6000-word document to get a solution to their problem. While a small percentage will do that, incorporating an explainer video will attract the large majority to your site.

As you know, a video can cover a thousand words in 30 sec. Hence; it will both save your audience time while offering them a solution to their problem.  So if you want to become a darling to the modern online audience, you cannot ignore videos on your website.

3. Google ranks websites with videos in a better position than the rest

If you are not an entrant on the e-commerce and website world, you are familiar with SEO ranking. You know that it is the firing bullet to your online marketing. Better ranking on Google is a guarantee for increased conversion rates and sales. In this age, Google algorithm falls in love with sites that have embedded videos. As such, having explainer videos on your website will be one stride ahead of your competitors.

Also, you can ascertain that videos pull large audiences that the typical web content. For this reason, the video boosts your Google ranking though increased views, clicks, and duration spent on your site. These three aspects are the pillars of a better position in the search engines a video offers to you without paying extra dimes.

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4. Enhanced visibility

After watching an explainer video on your site, the next thing a viewer will do is to share it with their peers. The same case will continue to happen with the peers. This level of sharing enhances your online visibility. The enhanced visibility will, in turn, result in the popularization of your brands.

Through this, you will gain more customers and grow your sales. Importantly, an explainer video will turn your viewers into volunteering brand ambassadors. They will market your products unknowingly. This act helps you to save on your marketing costs which are a plus for your business.

5. Summary

In a word, in this era having explainer videos on your website is essential. From the above information, you can ascertain that videos enable your site to stand out, boost your sales, and visibility.

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