Creating the best explainer videos: The must have features!

Creating the best explainer videos

Explainer videos create an image of your brand in 60-90 seconds! They are a powerful tool that can help in creating an image of your business. Explainer videos that fail to create an impact are usually the ones that do not deliver the right content. They either have too much content stuffed into them or they do not convey what the consumer would like to hear.

You can find some amazingly simple pointers that you need to keep in mind when creating the content for your explainer video to create the most impactful and perfect explainer video!

  • Keep the videos short

The videos should be as short as possible. Even 30 seconds are more than enough if you are able to manage to drive the content in the right direction.

  • Don’t beat about the bush

The script should be to the point. There is no need to have an overly complicated script that does not come close to the topic and information that you want to share with the audience.

  • Do your homework about the audience

You need to know your target audience. If you are preparing content that appeals to elderly, but your product is for the youth, then there is a mismatch and you will end up losing your audience either way. You need to know the chunk of audience that will likely benefit from the product that you are selling.

  • Do not be over complicate it.

A difficult script which is verbose is not going to hit home with the audience.

  • Have straightforward but eloquent script

The script should be simple, yet the key points should be strategically placed with key points imbedded in the most impactful way. Re reading the script loud can also help a lot.

  • Convey the needs that product will meet

Do not tell the features of the product. Consumers already know the features, they can also very easily read up on it from anywhere. The product features should be discussed so that consumer can know what is in it for them.

  • Have the perfect voice

The voice over should be professional.

  • Spend time in proper planning and structuring

A hurried explainer video can be a disaster!

  • Don’t work with large teams

  • Make explainer videos with call to action

The call to action button will implore the viewers to end up buying the product.

  • Hire professionals if you feel the need

Professionals have all the necessary knowledge and information that is required to create the perfect explainer video.

  • Humour should not have planted

Forced humour makes the scripts sound too cheesy and fail to affect the purchasing decision.

  • Monitor the impact