Engage Customers with Explainer Videos

Engage Customers with Explainer Videos

There was a time when merely being online meant that you had your customer’s attention. Now, more and more companies are fighting for being noticed by a given audience. This makes grabbing and sustaining their attention harder than ever before. At such a time, adding explainer videos to your website and other online platforms is a good idea.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short clips that summarize what your company is and what service it provides. You can choose between filming actual shots or make animated explainer videos. The common characteristic of the best explainer videos is that they are short, unique and creative. Remember, even though people watch videos more than reading content, now some find videos to be too long as well.

In the fast-paced world, we live in, no one has time to watch lengthy and mundane videos. This is why it is integral for you to make a video that grabs customer attention and ensures engagement.

How to make explainer videos?

If you are not into video making, you might be concerned about how to make explainer videos. Don’t worry. There are various animated video production companies that provide you with the service. All you need to do is tell them what you want and leave the creativity part up to them.

How to choose the best companies to make explainer videos

If you wish to select the best one for you, take into account the following factors.


Is the company you are selecting delivering the same old tried and tested videos? Or is it known for its creativity and uniqueness? If it is the latter, there is a high chance that the explainer video produced will be engaging.


Different companies will have varying whiteboard explainer videos pricing. Your job is to pick the best within the budget. Before you decide to invest in a company, see if it is delivering good value for money. If it produces free explainer videos as a demo, it will be easier for you to pick wisely.

Matches your values

It is not easy to articulate your company’s value and vision. Only a production company that understand and has the same value can deliver a video which reflects them. Hence try to look for an organizational value fit.


Choose the best company for making explainer videos. Watch your business succeed.